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Leather helmet No. 8

In the carom, the 8-ball is the one that decides the game: hit it last, send it into the hole and you win. If, on the contrary, it is the first to be hit, you have lost the game, even before it has begun. It is the ball of destiny, the last shot of the last man standing.

A strong meaning that leads to the choice of this leather helmet by Andrea Cardone Italia.

Perhaps it is chosen by those who feel lucky, or by those who believe in the fate of destiny. By those who see in the number 8 the sign of infinity or by those who simply love the essential Made in Italy design of this helmet.

Why would you choose it?

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Helmet with billiard 8

Wear a helmet and it speaks of you: if you choose this made in Italy model, you may have different motivations linked to the symbolism of the No.8 ball or, more simply, you prefer the black/white contrast, the essential lines, the elegance of the leather trim. A unisex model that will not go unnoticed.

A leather helmet that doesn't go unnoticed

Andrea Cardone's No.8 helmet is a product that certainly does not go unnoticed. Aesthetically beautiful and spectacularly finished. Made of ABS with an anti-allergic velour interior, it is the unisex helmet of those who love life.

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